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Do you want to increase the quality of your medical reports?

Smart Radiology offers plenty of options – for junior as well as for experienced radiologists

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Why use Smart Radiology for medical reporting?

High quality report templates

Examination-specific, expert-generated report templates that have been tested in the clinical routine

Precise report text suggestions

Automatically generated report text suggestions with grammatically and medically correct terminology

Happy referring physicians

Increased satisfaction of referring physicians due to
consistent, systematically structured report texts

User statistics

Personal as well as institution-wide statistics
for systematic learning support and quality assurance

Integrated into the workflow

Easy transfer of report texts into hospital or practice
systems via “copy & paste”

Multilingual and translation feature

Report templates available in several languages,
report translation with a single mouse click

Training and education

Targeted image examples and background information exactly when and where needed

Privacy protection guaranteed

Professional data security policy ensures protection
of confidential medical data

How does Smart Radiology work?

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Decision tree

Instead of dictating a free text report you click through a checklist with examination-relevant questions

Report text suggestion

Automatic generation of a corres-ponding report text with grammatically and medically correct expression

Info boxes

Quick access to targeted radiological
example images and scientific
background information

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