Report Creation 4.0

The next evolution step after dictation and speech recognition: smart reporting elements, enriched with automatic tools for structuring your report texts. More background information (incl. scientific literature) here..

Integration and Reliability

The Professional Edition of Smart Radiology for the daily routine can be integrated into your IT-System (e.g. RIS) to ensure for a seamless daily workflow. You will then always have Smart Radiology up-to-date - with guaranteed data protection (more on our professional data privacy concept here).

Your Contact

You would like to use Smart Radiology in your system? Please contact us for an offer!

Smart Radiology

The solution for Structured Reporting


Reports structured in MRRT-Standard

Patent-protected Technology

Report text-suggestions with Patent-protected text production

Reviewed Data Privacy concept

No processing of personal patient data

Why Smart Radiology?

Smart Radiology offers many possibilities - both for young as well as for experienced radiologists!


Examination-specific, expert-generated report templates that have been tested in clinical routine. Individual reporting templates with our Template-Editor.

Workflow Integration

Direct call of Smart Radiology from your RIS, fast transfer of report texts into your hospital- or practice-system. Compatibility with standards like RadLex, HL7/FIHR und DICOM-SR possible.

Training and education

Targeted image examples and background information exactly when and where needed

Multilingual and translation feature

Templates available in several languages, report translation with a single mouse click

The Vision: Better Care through Better Reports

See the functionality of Smart Radiology in the video

The Product

Smart Radiology offers the following features to allow for a flexibel use of structured reporting in your workflow. You can create a structured report for a full examination (e.g. Prostata-MRT), or integrate individual modules in your free-text dictates (e.g. pulmonary nodules). With the intuitive editor, you can create your own templates easily.


Smart Templates

Use Expert-generated, high-quality templates for creating your own structured reports e.g. for multiple sclerosis or prostate MRI.

  • Report Templates, tested by experts in clinical routine
  • Automatically generated report text suggestions
  • Targeted image examples and background information exactly when and where needed
  • Personal as well as institution-wide statistics for systematic learning support and quality assurance

Smart Modules

Optimize your free-text reports with structured sections. Report on incidentlly detected pulmonary nodules in accordance to Fleischner criteria or classify a pulmonary lung fibrosis in accordance to current guidelines.

  • Modules for classifications and report criteria
  • Easy integration of modules into your workflow
  • No looking-up anymore, but targeted Info-Boxes
  • Combination of free-text and structured reporting.

Smart Editor

Create your own reporting templates and modules easily or adapt our expert templates to your individual needs.

  • Intuitive usage
  • Adaption of exiting templates and creation of new templates and modules.
  • Definition of minimum requirements of your template elements.
  • Increased satisfaction of referring physicians due to consistent, systematically structured report texts


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