Use Case Mannheim

Smart Radiology at the University Hospital Mannheim

The output of the Institute for Clinical Radiology and Nuclear Medicine (University Hospital Mannheim) amounts to more than a thousand medical reports per annum. In order to reduce the workload on his 40 radiologists, Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Schönberg has implemented the use of Smart Radiology into their workflow.

Structured and high-quality reports are a competitive advantage and a motivating factor

Before our software entered the market, most radiologists had used free text dictations for their medical report texts. As each and every radiologist has a different style. Under such circumstances consistency is a goal that is nearly impossible to achieve.

Prof. Dr. med. Schönberg stresses the importance of report quality:

Even though the advantages of structured reports are well known, in practice it’s very difficult to implement high-quality structured reporting an individual basis. Therefore, we have decided to seek out a suitable IT-solution.

The result is an overall higher quality of medical reports and greater referring physician satisfaction.

Implementation in clinical practice

Within two months the University Hospital Mannheim had tested, and fully implemented Smart Radiology. The software had been implemented in the existing RIS and HIS setups, to guarantee a seamless integration into the workflow of the radiology department.

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