Speech recognition and control improve radiologists’ daily practice

Munich. October 11th, 2017. Smart Radiology users benefit from the integration of the Dragon Medical SpeechKit (Nuance Communications) with its speech recognition technology. Operators of the widely used SpeechMagic platform (Nuance Communications) may now also work with Smart Reporting. Smart Reporting, with its integrated speech recognition functionalities, provides an excellent introduction to an efficient and optimized medical reporting practice for users, who are currently unfamiliar with the Nuance speech recognition software.

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Investment for Smart Reporting

Every year physicians compile about two billion patient reports – the majority written as free-text. The Munich-based startup “Smart Reporting” aims at revolutionizing medical reporting, offering clinicians specifically tailored decision trees, which help to automatically generate precise and structured report texts.

Strategic Cooperation with EMPOLIS Information Management GmbH

On the fast-paced market for products and services in the health IT sector, Smart Reporting GmbH has now entered a strategic partnership with Empolis.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Wieland Sommer

Prof. Dr. med. Wieland Sommer summarizes the importance of structured reporting for radiological care in an interview with the online magazine Healthcare-in-Europe: “Objective, quantitative, and reproducible standards for tumor diagnosis and control of tumor progression.” Further, Prof. Sommer comments that structured reporting helps formulating clear definitions used to evaluate efficacies of systemic tumor therapies, which may serve as guidelines for the assessment of therapeutic success.