Intelligent Structured Reporting for Radiology

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  • CT Traumatic Brain Injury - by anatomy
  • MRI - Multiple Sclerosis
  • MRI - Rectal Cancer
  • MRI - Prostate Cancer
  • Cardiac CT

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How Does Smart Radiology Work?

Our short video explains all “Smart Radiology” functionalities in less than two minutes.

Why Smart Radiology?

Expert-Approved Reporting Templates

From the very beginning Smart Radiology had been developed exclusively for radiologists. This enabled us to accumulate a vast number of radiology-specific report templates. To date, we have more than 100 quality-controlled templates that include templates for reporting on prostate and rectal cancer, multiple sclerosis follow-up, and cardiac CT. Moreover, there's no need to look up subject-specific information as infoboxes provide medical background information.

Creation of own, individual Reporting Templates

If you cannot find the right template that exactly suits your needs, you may use our template editor app. The editor app allows you to custom- built you very own template and to make changes to already existing report templates.

AI-Ready Analytics Suite

Already today we are developing the framework for next-generation structured reporting. All our templates may be used for big data analysis. Together with our partners we are currently developing a platform that facilitates automated image recognition and semi-automatic medical reporting.

Smart Reporting Fits Your Workflow

RIS / PACS Integration

Integration of Speech Recognition

Create Your Own Templates

Speech Recognition

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Data Security

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